Welcome to Onion Bags! Likelihood is, if you're here this early on, you probably know Will and/or Jonny and want to show those weirdos some support. Thanks for stopping by, Jonny's mum! If you are not a parent of any Onion Bags team members, great to have you and do stick around.

Onion Bags was born out of a friendship forged in the fires of looking after snotty kids at summer camp. In moments where campers would insist you check out their Geometry Dash high score or ask if you can do a kickflip because their big cousin can, William and Jonathan would look ahead to two blessed moments in each day: activity time where they could skate, or lunch time where they could lunch.

These two motivators outlasted the cabins full of hockey kids. And now you're here. And the rest is history.  

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